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Dear Sir/Madam
We, Laundry-Maid, are a professional Part-time Maid Service Company, established since 1995. All our domestic helpers are Singaporeans. They are trained and experienced in internal house cleaning, machine laundry and ironing of clothes. All of our domestic helpers speak and understand simple English. We are able to customize our service according to your most important cleaning needs.

The same domestic helper will come and service your premises all the time, to provide you with a more personalized service.

The Cleaning packages are :

1. 1 Time weekly ,4 hours per visit for 4 times a month - $352.00 a month($22/hr)

2. 2 times weekly, 3 hours per visit for 8 times a month - $480.00 a month($22.00/hr)

3. 2 times weekly, 4 hours per visit for 8 times a month - $608.00 a month($22.00/hr)

4. 3 times weekly 3 hours per visit for 12 times a month - $684.00 a month($22.00/hr)

5. 3 times weekly 4 hours a visit for 12 times a month - $864.00 a month($22.00/hr)

Service frequency can be increased to 4-5 times weekly at $22.00/hr

No levy or medical fees, no commissions and no agency fees required. Please give us at least 1 day ( 24 hours) advanced notice and we will reply to confirm your service booking. Please note that we are unable to provide cleaning services on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

We will come with our domestic helper on the day of the appointment to commence service. On the same day, we would require you to sign a contract of 2 months, and discuss with you the cleaning services that you require. We will schedule it according to your cleaning priorities. The cleaning service will commence on the same day. Billing will be done at the end of every month. We will send the invoice together with a stamped return envelope for your cheque payment. Payment can also be made by electronic bank transfer.

One month refundable deposit is required before service commencement. Payment for service will be at the end of each month. The refundable deposit will be used to offset the last month of service if you wish to discontinue. (One month advanced notice is required)

Please do not hesitate to call us if you require more information about our services or wish to confirm service commencement with date and address details by SMS at 81818577
Thank you for your interest in our service.
Laundry Maid

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