About Us

Personalised and Professional Service

How ?

The comfort of our home lies within its cleanliness. That is why the right attitude is our key criteria when integrating cleaners in our team. Our cleaning methodology will ensure efficiency and top notch results proven over 18 years of leading the market.

Why ?

Because of Singapore's fast pace and ongoing construction works, homes easily get dusty and dirty. Add to that, levels of high humidity and you will notice layers of dust cakes which cannot be removed by a simple swipe of a cloth if cleaning is not maintained daily. We understand that housekeeping cannot be on the top of your to-do list which is why we offer you a range of packages, flexible and customized to your needs...for your peace of mind.

We clean :

- Kitchen cabinets (in and out) fridge, oven, microwave (inside and out) behind the fridge, all surfaces.
- Backyard
- Bedrooms, all surfaces, change of iinens.
- Bathrooms, (WC, sinks, cabinets, shower area) all surfaces.
- Living area and all surfaces.
- All internal windows and external if balcony or landed property.
- Balconies
- reachable ights and fans.
- Machine laundry.
- All floor surfaces